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San Diego Project Management, PSC

A one of a kind design, design-build, construct and maintenance firm.

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Seventeen (17) Year History Professional Engagements

  • 2014 MRI Door, VAMC San Juan, PR $24K
  • 2014 Chiller MRI, VAMC San Juan, PR $505K 
  • 2015 Expansion joint, VAMC San Juan, PR $334K
  • 2015 Auditorium, VAMC San Juan, PR $1 M (Ongoing)
  • 2015 Canopy, VAMC San Juan, PR $1.3 M (Ongoing)
  • 2015 VFD, VAMC San Juan, PR $34K
  • 2015 Water Heater , VAMC San Juan, PR $480K (Ongoing)
  • 2015  Repair Laundry Roof, VAMC San Juan, PR $290K (Ongoing) 
  • 2015 Vega Gate, US Army Fort Buchanan. San Juan, PR $497K
  • 2015 Building 613, US Army Fort Buchanan. San Juan, PR $401K (Ongoing)
  • 2015 Renovate Parking Garage, VAMC San Juan, PR $1.1 M (Ongoing)
  • 2015 Install HVAC System for VA Administrative Building Basement, VAMC San Juan, PR $630K (Ongoing)
  • 2016 New Reverse Osmosis, VAMC San Juan, PR $407K (Ongoing)
  • 2016 Repair Radiology Roof, VAMC San Juan, PR $100K
  • 2016 Emergency Generator Backup for SICU, MICU and CICU, VAMC San Juan, PR $802K (Ongoing)
  • 2016 Install Legionella Prevention and Scald Control System, VAMC San Juan, PR $3.04 M (Ongoing)
  • 2016 Install New 38 KV Power Line, VAMC San Juan, PR $12.9 M (Ongoing)
  • 2016 Renovate CLC, VAMC San Juan, PR $3.6 M (Ongoing)